Every physically active person knows that they should stretch after training. The reality is that a large percentage of people who exercise still do not do it. Some people explain it by lack of time, others by fatigue after intense training, and still others say that stretching is boring. The truth is that there is no compromise when it comes to stretching and it should be an integral part of your training. Only then will we achieve the intended results and enjoy not only a nicely sculpted, but also a healthy body. So why is stretching so important and what principles should we follow?

The benefits of stretching properly

Lack of proper stretching or doing it incorrectly can have serious consequences for your health. What do we gain from regular stretching? First, we reduce the risk of injury, which is extremely important, especially in the case of professional athletes. We also increase the range of motion, which translates directly into body posture and helps to perform exercises correctly. A relaxed body is a healthy body, free from pain. Stretching has a positive effect on circulation, and, thanks to this, the muscles can be better nourished and recover quicker. It is also a break for the body, a moment to rest after training, increases body awareness and has a positive effect on well-being.

Principles of proper stretching

It is assumed that each training session should end with thorough, slow stretching. A good time for stretching, even for people who don't exercise, is in the evening, before going to bed. A sequence of calm exercises will calm the body and mind and allow you to fall asleep more easily, and the elongated muscles will have time to regenerate.

The most common mistake when stretching muscles is pressing them too hard. You should look for light stretching and stay in this position until the muscle "releases". Only then can the position be deepened. We should work on a given muscle for at least 30-60 seconds. Importantly, we must remember about both sides of the body.

We also cannot forget about proper breathing. Let's not hold it back. Let's try to keep it slow and deep. Any deepening of the position should be done on the exhale.

Stretching is an essential element of every training and the above benefits should convince everyone who has so far neglected it. Especially since it does not require any additional equipment at the beginning. Over time, people who want to take the topic more seriously can equip themselves with rollers that will help intensify the work on muscle relaxation.