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With a weight bench, you can greatly expand the workout possibilities in your home gym. At K-Sport, you will find a large selection of high-quality weight benches in various designs to help optimise your weight training. Discover the possibilities and find out about the advantages of the stable weight benches from K-Sport. The assortment ranges from, flat benches to weight benches with biceps curl pults or leg curlers and offers the right training equipment for every demand.
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  1. Folding Weight Bench With Dip Station
    Special Price £111.20 Regular Price £139.00
    Inkl. 20% MwSt.
  2. Inclined Bench - Sit Up Bench
    Special Price £95.20 Regular Price £119.00
    Inkl. 20% MwSt.
  3. Adjustable Weight Bench Exercises
    Adjustable Weight Bench
    Special Price £116.00 Regular Price £145.00
    Inkl. 20% MwSt.
  4. Flat Weight Bench
    Flat Weight Bench
    Special Price £47.99 Regular Price £59.99
    Inkl. 20% MwSt.
  5. Preacher Curl Bench - Scott Bench
    Preacher Curl Bench - Scott Bench
    Special Price £103.20 Regular Price £129.00
    Inkl. 20% MwSt.
  6. Weight Bench With Barbell Rack And Curl Pult
    Special Price £184.00 Regular Price £230.00
    Inkl. 20% MwSt.

Weight bench for your home gym

Dumbbell training is indispensable for bodybuilders. This is because with this kind of resistance training, you can specifically strengthen certain muscle parts. The effectiveness of dumbbell training, has been known for thousands of years. Already in ancient Greece, athletes trained with dumbbells and even today, athletes use them to maximise their endurance and strength. When training with free-moving dumbbells, specific muscle groups are targeted, but additional auxiliary muscles are needed to stabilise the body, which is what makes dumbbell training so extremely effective. You need a stable weight bench so that you can do weight training not only in a standing position but also in a lying or sitting position. But which weight bench is best? That depends on your needs and training preferences. Here, you can find all the information you need to choose your new weight bench.

Flat weight bench or folding weight bench?

A flat weight bench is a good choice if you are just starting out in bodybuilding and want to add weight bench exercises to your repertoire. But advanced users can also use the flat weight bench as a perfect base for weight training. A weight bench that is foldable and one that gives you the ability to train in different positions, offers even more variation. A multifunctional incline bench is perfect for a full-body workout with or without dumbbells. Train your chest, arm, back and abdominal muscles. A four-way adjustable backrest puts you in the ideal position for forearm curls, overhead presses or shoulder raises. When you adjust the folding weight bench into a reclined position, safety bolts ensure perfect locking. In addition, two padded castors are attached to fix the legs during training.

Weight bench with preacher curl set or leg curl

Are you looking for a weight bench that offers more? Then take a look at the weight bench with biceps curl pult. With this multifunctional training set, every room becomes a home gym. Saving yourself the trip to the gym and the membership fees. With the biceps curl pult, you can train your arm muscles in a targeted way and will quickly see and feel the first results. We also offer a weight bench with leg curl or models that are equipped with both a biceps curl pult and a leg curler. With these benches you can train the upper and lower body in different positions. All weight benches can be adjusted several times and optimally adapted to the height of the user.

Weight bench sets for every requirement

At K-Sport, you will find a wide range of high-quality training equipment for professional bodybuilding. A weight bench with an added shelf, is very practical and enables strength training without a training partner. Such a folding weight bench, is part of the basic equipment of every fitness studio and is also a real enrichment to your home gym. After an exercise session, place the barbell on the solid barbell rack and store it there after the workout to save space. With a weight station like this, you are perfectly equipped and can simply bring the gym into your home. Another advantage of our online shop, is that you can order accessories for your training equipment at any time and, for example, equip the training bench with a leg curler or a biceps curl desk. This way, you can adapt your weight training to your growing muscle strength and keep your workout varied.

Weight bench: Convince yourself of the outstanding quality!

Workout equipment for bodybuilders, must be able to withstand a lot because intensive strength training puts a lot of strain on the equipment. That's why you should always look for high quality before purchasing. On the one hand, this guarantees a long life of the weight benches and on the other hand, ensures the best training conditions. The training benches from K-Sport, are convincing in every aspect. Stable constructions made of quality steel, a high-quality powder coating and solid screw connections, ensure durability and functionality. In addition, the weight bench is adjustable: our training benches can be adjusted several times to the desired position and the base is so stable that optimal stability during training is guaranteed. Each weight bench, has comfortable padding and a hard-wearing, abrasion-resistant surface. Rubber-coated feet, reliably prevent the floor from being scratched and the weight bench from slipping during training.
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