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Are you annoyed of having weight plates lying around and thus, looking to bring order to your home gym? Then our weight plate racks are the perfect solution. At K-Sport, you can find weight plate racks of which you can store dumbbells, barbells and weight plates, in a space-saving and safe way. These weight plate racks, are stable and not only a functional benefit for your home gym but their modern design also makes them a stylish eye-catcher that visually underlines the professionalism of your home gym.
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  1. Weight Rack & Dumbbell Storage
    Weight Rack & Dumbbell Storage
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Weight plate racks for dumbbells and barbells

Weight training, is one of the indispensable basics of strength training. Accordingly, an ambitious bodybuilder, needs a selection of different weight plates and bars to make the workout as varied and efficient as possible. But the question soon arises: where to put the weight plates and bars after the workout? Nothing is more annoying than tripping over weight plates and training in an untidy home gym. That's why we offer, well-designed, weight racks that permanently eliminate the problem of lack of order.

Weight plate shelves: order and overview in the home gym

With the practical weight plate racks, you not only finally create order, but now you can also keep track of all your valuable fitness equipment. All weight plates, can be stored on robust holders. The diameter of the weight plate holder, is dimensioned in such a way that all standard weight plates can be stored there. In addition, there are attachments for the weight bars, which are also suitable for all bars of the renowned manufacturers.

Quality and functionality: weight plate racks from K-Sport

Like all of our fitness equipment, the weight plate racks also convince with their well-thought-out details and excellent quality. You can choose between different compact models that are suitable for training at the same time. Two mobile stands, which can be set up at different distances and can be put aside to save space after training, allow barbell training without a training partner. Increase your performance with effective barbell training and store your barbell on the training stand after each training session. In addition, the frame has holders for the weight plates to ensure stability and order.
If you are looking for a weight plate rack that functions as a barbell rack and a dumbbell rack at the same time, you’ve come to the right place. The stationary weight plate rack, inspires with its versatile storage options. You can store the weight plates and barbell bars neatly and also store your dumbbells in the upper area to save space. The minimalist design, fits perfectly into your gym.

Construction from durable quality steel

At K-Sport, you will find high-quality equipment that will last for many years. The underside of the weight plate racks, is equipped with special plastic feet. This reliably prevents scratching of the floor and also ensures stability. All screws have also been fitted with plastic caps to prevent unwanted abrasion and minimise the risk of injury. Our weight plate racks, are the perfect choice if you are looking for a way to optimise the equipment of your home gym and attach importance to quality, functionality and design.
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