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A wall bar, is one of the most practical purchases if you want to set up a home gym. Because it is mounted on the wall, the space requirement of this training device is minimal and yet it offers flexible possibilities to diversify your workout. Since the exercises are mostly done with your own weight, you don't need any additional equipment for your workout and can therefore start immediately. At K-Sport, you will find a large selection of wall bars with different equipment. These wall bars, are perfect for intensive strength training. However, you can also use the training equipment to optimise your coordination, flexibility and endurance all at the same time. A wall bars, gives you the opportunity to target different muscle groups, strengthen your grip and maximise the range of motion of your joints. In addition, a wall bars are ideal for warming up before the actual strength training session and for relaxing the muscles and tendons with a stretching session afterwards. These are all good reasons to take a closer look at the different wall bars in our online shop.
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  1. Swedish Ladder Wall Bars With Dip Bar & Pull Up
    Special Price £103.20 Regular Price £129.00
    Inkl. 20% MwSt.
  2. Swedish Ladder Wall Set
    Swedish Ladder Wall Set
    Special Price £159.20 Regular Price £199.00
    Inkl. 20% MwSt.
  3. Wall Bars with 8 Rungs
    Wall Bars with 8 Rungs
    Special Price £76.00 Regular Price £95.00
    Inkl. 20% MwSt.

Wall bars in different equipment variants

The sports equipment in our online shop, was designed in cooperation with professional fitness experts. Our goal, is to offer ambitious bodybuilders training equipment that is ideal for setting up a home gym without taking up too much space. A wall bar is a must - we offer various models with additional equipment modules such as dip stations or pull-up bars that inspire with durability, multifunctionality while keeping a stylish design.

Metal wall bars: robust and durable

Every wall bars that you can order from K-Sport, impresses with its well thought-out construction and durable quality. Each wall bars, are made of high-quality steel and have been carefully powder-coated for maximum protection against scratches and corrosion. Thanks to this treatment, you can install the wall bars indoors as well as in the garage or even outside on the house wall. The solid steel frame, is weatherproof and is securely anchored to the wall with twelve solid screws, guaranteeing a stable hold even during dynamic exercises. As you would expect from K-Sport, every wall bar meets the highest quality standards. Excellent workmanship without sharp edges and a bar diameter of 26.9 millimetres, ensure the best ergonomic training conditions. The modern red-grey design of the K-Sport wall bars, leaves nothing to be desired.

Perfect additional equipment: expand your wall bars to a compact gym

A wall bars training equipment, alone, offers a variety of training possibilities in different positions. However, with the appropriate accessories from K-Sport, you can even turn the wall bars into a strength station that almost completely replaces a whole gym. A particularly popular accessory is a pull-up bar. This can be easily attached in only a few steps, thanks to two different attachment options and can also be used as a dip bar. With the pull-up bar, the wall bars become a compact multi-functional training device that enables intensive strength training without additional weights. Several pairs of rubber-covered grips, a comfortable back cushion and the option to vary distances, ensure optimal ergonomic conditions during each training. This in turn, increases training success and fun and minimises the risk of injury. Of course, in addition to the accessories for the wall bars, we also offer complete sets consisting of a wall bar with dip station, pull-up bar and training bench, with which you are perfectly equipped right from the start.

Attach the outdoor wall bars: Perfect your street workout!

After a long day of being stuck inside at work or university, wouldn’t you rather have the option to train outside instead of in a stuffy gym? Prefect your street workout with our high-quality wall bars. Resistant from weather damage, both the steel profiles, including the screw connections, remain protected by plastic caps as well as a weatherproof coating. Combine your strength training with running sessions and get in the shape of your life!
A wall bars from K-Sport, offers you many options. Especially, the extension possibilities such as a pull-up bar and/or a dip station to make this training device a multifunctional must-have for your home gym. You can also use the wall bars with TRX bands and expanders or attach a punching bag, to the pull-up bar, enabling you to enjoy a boxing workout, indoors or outdoors. A wall bars equipment piece, is the perfect training tool for your beast mode. A mounting set with sturdy screws, is included in the delivery. Assembly is simple and then you're ready to go: Maximise your training success with varied workouts and integrate the effective training on the wall bars into your daily fitness routine.
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