Add variety to your workout with our fitness accessories. Fitness grips, floor protection mats, power bands and triceps ropes, ensure that you always have new options to increase your performance.
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Fitness handles for professional bodybuilding

At K-Sport, you can find high-quality accessories that maximise the use of the training equipment. For example, combine your power station or cable pulley with a stable double handle made of powder-coated quality steel or a curved parallel handle. Other options include; a rowing handle and a tricep rope or lat bar. With these fitness grips, you can train your arm, abdominal and back muscles and use your full range of motion. Thanks to different grip positions, different muscle groups are trained and the body is defined in a holistic and particularly harmonious way.

Power Resistance Bands: Perfect for flexible training

Power Resistance Bands are easy to transport, making it easy to get in a workout anywhere. Our XL power band sets, are made from 100% natural latex, a material that retains its elasticity for years. Here you will receive a transport bag for each resistance band in the set, so you always have your "training equipment" with you. On holidays, in the office or on business trips, no matter your location, you can be sure to do your strength training wherever you are.

Accessories for your home gym

To keep your home gym professionally equipped, we also offer gym floor mats that prevent the equipment from slipping and the floor from being scratched. Checker foot plates, are a perfect addition to weight stations and cable pulls and the reinforced ceiling brackets for punching bags are ideal too, if you want to add an additional boxing workout to your strength training.
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