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Training with barbells, is just as important as training with dumbbells for ambitious bodybuilding. With the high-quality barbells and weights from K-Sport, you can adapt your weight training individually to your training progress, your daily form and the different exercises. With our weight plate sets, the dumbbell weights can be individually combined. Both the construction of the bars and the weights, are designed to keep you flexible. All dumbbell bars, can be combined with different weight plates, and are compatible with other dumbbell bars, from most popular manufacturers. At K-Sport, you'll find everything you need to completely equip or perfectly complement your home gym. Take a look at the large selection of weight plates and dumbbell bars and then order your selection online with just a few clicks.
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The right weights for every workout goal

Dumbbell training is versatile: with light weights (1.25 and 2.5 kg) you can increase the effect of gymnastic exercises and make your fitness training even more demanding. Heavy weights (5, 10, 20 kg) are ideal for intensive strength training. All weight plates available in our online shop, convince with their excellent quality - solid cast iron, which is additionally powder-coated, guarantees a long durability and excellent use properties. You can combine the weight plates variably and are well equipped for all exercises. In addition, a practical weight plate set, offers you the possibility to adapt the dumbbell to your increasing muscle strength.

Dumbbell bars - seize matters!

The K-Sport dumbbell bars, were designed together with fitness experts and can be used with weight plates from all renowned manufacturers. In addition to the material, quality and features such as secure star locks, the length of the dumbbell bar, is particularly decisive. The longer the dumbbell bar, the more dead weight you have to take into account when putting together the total weight of the dumbbell. You can choose between a dumbbell bar, a barbell bar and a deadlift bar. The barbell bar, is at least 120 cm long. We also offer versions with a length of 180 cm and 20 cm. When choosing a barbell bar, you should consider your height and the size of your home gym. An SZ bar, also known as a curl bar, is 120 cm long and thus belongs to the barbell bars, but differs greatly in shape from the classic barbell bars. Thanks to the SZ (ß) shape, the curl bar offers optimal ergonomic conditions for a dumbbell workout that is easy on the joints. The dumbbell bar, is between 35 cm and 51 cm long and still allows strength training with a weight of up to 140 kg.

Safety and flexible use

As you would expect from K-Sport, our dumbbell bars and weights inspire with their stylish design, but also convincing features regarding ergonomics and safety. The weight plates, are attached to the dumbbell bars with high-quality star locks that reliably protect the weights from slipping or loosening. Integrated handle openings, offer you the possibility to use the weight plates as kettlebells, at the same time. In addition, the soft-grip finish, of the bars, prevents your hands from slipping during each workout. With dumbbell bars and weights from K-Sport, your gym becomes a professional gym!
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