Lat Pulldown Machines

Lat pull-down machines, are among the most popular training equipment in the gym today and are therefore a must-have in the home gym. With a lat pulley station, you can train the whole body and ensure an even muscle build-up. We made sure to put together a wide range of lat pull machines in our online shop, so you are guaranteed to find the right training equipment for your space and ambitions. You can also order lat pull bars to expand your fitness equipment.
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  1. Stationary Lat Cable Pull Down Machine
    Special Price £192.00 Regular Price £240.00
    Inkl. 20% MwSt.
  2. Lat Pull Tower With Bench Wall-Mounted
    Special Price £124.80 Regular Price £156.00
    Inkl. 20% MwSt.
  3. Lat Pull Down Station Wall-Mounted Exercises
    Lat Pull Down Station Wall-Mounted
    Special Price £100.00 Regular Price £125.00
    Inkl. 20% MwSt.
  4. Cable Pulley System Wall Mounted
    Cable Pulley System Wall Mounted
    Special Price £135.20 Regular Price £169.00
    Inkl. 20% MwSt.
  5. Cable Crossover Ceiling Mounted Exercises
    Cable Crossover Ceiling Mounted
    Special Price £75.20 Regular Price £94.00
    Inkl. 20% MwSt.
  6. Ceiling Mounted Lat Pulldown
    Special Price £61.60 Regular Price £77.00
    Inkl. 20% MwSt.
  7. Cable Crossover Machine
    Cable Crossover Machine
    Special Price £251.20 Regular Price £314.00
    Inkl. 20% MwSt.

Lat pulldown machines for at home

Next to the pull-up, the lat pull-down is one of the basic exercises for ambitious bodybuilders. With the lat pulldown, you can train the upper back area specifically and ensure a perfectly defined upper body. To perform the exercises correctly and effectively, you need a lat pull machine that supports your training perfectly. Here, you will find, lat pull-down machines that take up little space but still offer you maximum training possibilities. The range extends from the mobile lat pull-down machine to the lat pull-down tower for wall mounting. All training equipment is designed in cooperation with experienced fitness experts, in order to provide you with a professional workout at home. Lat pulley towers with upper and lower cable pulley, are ideal for a full body workout. Are you looking for professional equipment? Then take a closer look at the high-quality Cable Crossover Machine.

What are the advantages of a lat pull tower from K-Sport?

A lat pull-down tower from our range convinces with its excellent quality, variable application possibilities and stylish design. Are you looking for a training device that offers maximum stability? Then a lat pull station for wall mounting, is definitely a perfect choice. This training device has a comfortable seat and, thanks to an upper and an additional lower cable pull, also allows strength training in a kneeling or standing position. The upper cable pulley, ensures infinitely variable movement sequences and can be equipped with different weights so that the training conditions can always be precisely adapted to your current condition. During its construction, we made sure that the lat tower can be used with weight plates of all common brands.
Looking to remain flexible and not have to anchor the lat pull-down station to the wall? We also have the right training device for this with an upper and a lower cable pulley. This can then be perfectly combined with a training bench that also offers comprehensive training possibilities with different weights.

Cable Crossover Machine: the perfect choice for ambitious bodybuilders

Are you looking for professional equipment but you don’t have enough space at home to perfectly equip your home gym? Then the Cable Crossover Machine from K-Sport, is just the right thing! From now on, train like a pro with your home cable crossover and increase your performance in a targeted way. The Cable Crossover Machine inspires with its well-thought-out construction and offers you almost endless possibilities for an effective whole-body workout. Looking to strengthen your back while also training your biceps and triceps? No problem, determine the intensity of your workout with the choice of weights and off you go. You can use weights from all renowned manufacturers. Thanks to the weight holders being equipped with plastic grommets, perfect smoothness and thus a comfortable workout is achieved. Sophisticated details such as the rubber buffers at the end of the cable pulls also guarantee the necessary safety during training. Even if you release the handles abruptly, the cable and bar will remain in the correct position. The Cable Crossover, can also be firmly anchored to the wall and additionally to the floor, so that stability is maximised. We know that our customers are looking for something special and that's why we have equipped the Cable Crossover Machine with a centrally mounted pull-up bar. This increases stability, on the one hand, and extends the training possibilities with additional exercises, on the other.

The right accessories for your lat pull station

Increasing your fitness with a pulley, is effective and fun. With our versatile accessories, you can always equip, the lat pulldown machine, in a new way and ensure variety during each training session. Different handles, a tricep rope or a sturdy lat bar, expand the possibilities of strength training. With the lat pull-down bar, you can easily perform different pulling exercises. Rubber-coated handles provide a firm grip and a comfortable workout. The triceps rope, is also an ideal addition to your lat pull-down machine, because it requires the use of the full range of motion while simultaneously remaining perfectly flexible at the joints, keeping them protected to the maximum. Training equipment and accessories from K-Sport, convinces with its excellent quality and is the ideal choice for your home gym!
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