Pull-ups are one of the most popular exercises performed at home and in gyms. This exercise is ideal for developing the back muscles, but also muscles in the arms and abdomen. There are many types of bars available on the market, which differ mainly in the method of assembly and attachment, so it is worth finding out what will be the right one for you.

Wall mounted bars

This is the simplest training bar available on the market. Its main advantage is that there is no need to drill holes in the walls as it is usually mounted in the door frame with grips or an expanding pole. Additionally, disassembly of such a bar is very easy as it is not installed permanently, so it works well for people who do not have a permanent place to exercise or are limited for space.

The do have one disadvantage though. Unfortunately, the shoring poles are quite narrow, because usually a standard frame is about 80 cm wide. This makes it practically impossible to pull up in a wide grip. Also, this type of bar often has the lowest load limit of all available on the market and tends to be less stable.

Bars attached to the wall and ceiling

There is quite a variety of bars that can be attached this way from simple bars to more complicated models with multiple grip patterns that allow you to train in different ways. They give the opportunity to train with different distances between the arms and different hand positions. With this type of bar, it is essential to properly mount them. To guarantee adequate stability, it is best to choose a frame mounted on at least 6 expansion bolts.

When it comes to the comfort of using the equipment, it is worth choosing those that have a bar length of at least 50-60 cm. This makes sure that you have enough free space from the wall whilst you are exercising. The more complex models are often adjustable too. People with larger muscles must also pay attention to the maximum load that the bar can withstand.

The poles attached to the ceiling share many similar features. As a rule, they are less versatile, but their main advantage is that they take up less space. When assembling these bars, you should be even more careful than those described above, to ensure safety.

Training bars like the ones described are the perfect equipment for a home gym because they do not take up much space and are also available at an affordable price. Thanks to a great variety of exercises, they allow for intense training of the upper body for both beginners and advanced users.

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