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Chin-Up And Dip Bar


Compact and versatile: pull-up bar and dip bar in one! This training device is mounted on the wall to save space and can be used either as a chin-up or dip bar.

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Pull-up bar with integrated dips bar for wall mounting

You want to train intensively but have little space to do so? That's no reason to miss out on varied workouts at home: With this combination of pull-up bar and dip bar, your training possibilities are endless.

Exercises chin-up and dip bar
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Chin-up bar

Use the device as a chin-up bar to optimally train arms, back, abdomen and chest. The main tube is 60 centimetres from the wall and thus enables a variety of exercises with a large range of motion.

Chin-up and dip bar
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Dips bars

In just a few steps, you can transform the pull-up bar into a dip bar and now perform dips, bar supports and leg stretches or other exercises.

Dip Bar
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Stable mounting

Solid mounting material ensures best stability and safety. The exercise equipment is attached to the wall with special hooks - either to the profile or to the pole tube. With both types of attachment, the thick rubber layer provides stability and shock absorption.

Wall mounting
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Comfortable backrest

A comfortable, removable backrest ensures a comfortable workout. With this chin-up and dip bar, you are independent of gym opening hours and can train at home under professional conditions at any time.

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Adjustable bar handles

Thanks to the adjustable handles, you can adapt the dip bar perfectly to your arm length. The extendable bar handles allow you to adapt the equipment to your individual needs and to different exercises.

Various setting options
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Three pairs of bar handles

Three pairs of bar grips on the handlebars offer different options for grip positioning, so that different muscle groups are exercised. Of course, you can also train with the classic pull-up grip directly on the red bar.

Handle options
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For boxing training

Sophisticated feature: A removable hook clamp offers the possibility to attach boxing accessories or TRX straps, so you can always change your workout.

Punching bag holder
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  • Total weight: 12 kg
  • Maximum load: 200 kg
  • Dimensions as chin-up bar: 1.100 x 760 x 560 mm
  • Dimensions as dip bar: 1.100 x 755 x 560 bis 720 mm
  • 6 handles with distances of 20, 60 and 110 cm
  • 10 anti-slip handle
  • Height adjustable bar handles
  • Hook for boxing accessories: maximum load up to 80 kg
  • Powder coated
  • Solid steel frame
Technical data - Chin-up and dip bar

K-Sport UK - Safety instructions

User information:
Please use the product only in its intended manner for home use. Any other use may result in damage to the product or its surroundings. Rebuilding or modifying the product will compromise product safety. Caution: Risk of injury! Please also observe the assembly and safety instructions supplied.

This training device should only be used by adults! Extreme, incorrect and/or unplanned training can cause damage to health! Always start the training sessions with a low load and increase it evenly and gently during the training. You should warm up sufficiently before training.

Maintenance and care:
Check all parts for damage and tight fit before each use. If necessary, clean the appliance with a damp cloth and mild soap. Wipe with clean water and allow to dry completely before use.

This appliance should NOT be disposed of with household waste. For proper disposal, please contact the public collection points in your community.
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