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Training with a barbell, is one of the most important exercises in bodybuilding. But where does one put the barbell after the workout? and above all, how can you safely train with a barbell without a training partner? A barbell stand from K-Sport, is the perfect solution for both problems. You will find a wide range of barbell racks for every need in our online shop. Optimise your barbell training, at home, and get one of our high-quality barbell racks for your home gym.
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  1. Folding Weight Bench With Dip Station
    Special Price £116.80 Regular Price £146.00
    Inkl. 20% MwSt.
  2. Smith Machine - Barbell Press
    Special Price £570.40 Regular Price £713.00
    Inkl. 20% MwSt.
  3. Multi-Function Barbell Rack Exercises
    Multi-Function Barbell Rack
    Special Price £104.80 Regular Price £131.00
    Inkl. 20% MwSt.
  4. Olympic Barbell Stand Exercises
    Olympic Barbell Stand
    Special Price £60.00 Regular Price £75.00
    Inkl. 20% MwSt.
  5. Squat Rack & Bench Press - Multilevel
    Special Price £133.60 Regular Price £167.00
    Inkl. 20% MwSt.
  6. Heavy Duty Barbell Squat Rack
    Heavy Duty Barbell Squat Rack
    Special Price £68.00 Regular Price £85.00
    Inkl. 20% MwSt.

Order barbell racks for barbells online

Barbell training, is one of the most effective exercises for targeted muscle building. Barbell training not only challenges the whole body but also targets different large muscle groups at the same time. Many bodybuilders prefer barbell training because it is technically less demanding than training with dumbbells and because you can also train with more weight. Barbell training without weight machines requires good coordination and thus improves balance and muscle interaction. Barbell training, is suitable for beginners as well as for ambitious bodybuilders. However, a prerequisite for optimal training success is high-quality equipment. The barbell stands from K-Sport, create the best conditions for a fast build-up of the muscles. With a stable barbell rack, you can perform exercises like barbell rowing, shoulder press standing or sitting, squats, bench press, lunges or deadlifts without a training partner. Barbell stands are therefore indispensable for an intensive workout in your very own home gym.

Barbell squat rack

Squats with a barbell are very effective. Place the barbell down on a squat rack after each round. These squat racks help support you when performing squats, but also when bench pressing with a barbell. The barbell racks are multi-adjustable and can be adapted to different body sizes and exercises. The use of sound-insulating material dampens noise on the one hand and prevents the rack from being scratched on the other. Here in our online shop, you can find squat racks with several storage options at different heights, which make barbell training easier. And after training, you can store the barbell there so that your home gym always looks clean and tidy.

Smith Machine: Maximise the training possibilities

Turn your home gym into a professional gym with a high-quality and variable Smith Machine. Train your entire body with the barbell and benefit from the well-thought-out construction of the training machine. Thanks to the fixed movement path, the correct execution of the exercises is simplified because the movement is guided in a targeted manner. Unintentional, jerky lowering of the barbell is avoided as well as incorrect movement sequences. This increases the training success and reduces the risk of injury. After each exercise session you can put the barbell down in the desired position. Combine the Smith Machine with a training bench for a barbell workout in a sitting or lying position. The Smith Machine convinces with first-class workmanship and can replace an entire gym.

Barbell rack for your home-gym

It's definitely worth getting a training stand for your home gym, because it expands your training possibilities. Thanks to the stable rack, you can train without a partner at any time and flexibly organise your strength training. All training stands are made of quality steel and carefully powder-coated. A stable frame construction provides the necessary stability and reliably prevents slipping during training. The undersides of the racks have been fitted with rubber coatings to protect the floors and provide additional protection against slipping. Multi-level adjustable squat racks allow barbell training while standing, kneeling, sitting and lying down. These are the best conditions for maximising the muscular strength of the entire body.

Barbell racks: quality down to the last detail

To ensure that training with the barbell does not lead to any injuries, you can’t just rely on any barbell rack, rather place your trust in one of our high-quality training devices. Every barbell rack, in our range, impresses with its excellent quality and functionality. All training equipment is developed in cooperation with experts and meets the highest quality standards. For example, the fork holders of the barbell racks, are shaped specifically to help ensure you always safely place the barbell down from any position. In addition, care was taken to ensure that a solid construction, of thick coated steel sheets and steel profiles, provides maximum durability. The barbell racks, can be combined excellently with a training bench from our range, so that you can even accommodate the training possibilities of an entire fitness studio, in any small room. After the workout, the training stand serves as a practical barbell rack. This way, your home gym stays tidy in just a few steps and nothing will get in the way.
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