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Lat Pulldown Station Wall-Mounted


You don't have much space but still want to effectively increase your strength and endurance at home? Then this pulldown station wall-mounted is just the thing.

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Lat Pulldown Station Wall-Mounted : intensive workouts in the smallest of spaces

Not everyone can set up a room as a home gym and yet many bodybuilders want the option of training professionally at home. With the lat pulldown station for wall mounting, you have a wide range of options for a varied workout of your entire upper body.

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Compact training device for performance-enhancing strength training

When designing the equipment, special attention was paid to not using up much space. At the same time, the pulldown station for wall mounting should offer all the functionalities that ambitious bodybuilders expect from a cable pulley. The axis of the bar is 70 centimetres from the wall, so you have enough space to train comfortably.

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Free choice of weights

The load bar is designed so that you can attach several weights from different manufacturers to adjust the weight precisely to your needs. Thanks to the carabiner, attaching or changing the weights and other items is done in just a few simple steps.

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Perfectly customisable: You can not only adjust the weights but also the rope length individually and quickly attach or detach the pole to the carabiner.

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Safe construction

The rubber buffer keeps the cable pulls and load bar at the right height and also minimises the risk of a weight falling to the ground. Plastic wheels with ball bearings ensure that the cable pull is practically indestructible. You will notice, in a comparison, that most competitor products are equipped with plastic wheels - This causes a drastically shorter durability. K-Sport does not skimp on safety and stability and is therefore the first choice for many satisfied customers.

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Suitable accessories

For an even more varied and intensive workout, find your right accessories.

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Weights for your training

With the high-quality cast iron weights, you can have the perfect equipment for your intensive strength training.

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  • Dimensions: 837 x 400 x 255 mm (nur Gehäuse)
  • Profile: 40 x 40 x 2 mm
  • Load bar length: 600 mm
  • Load bar diameter: 22 mm
  • Cable pull bar width: 1.100 mm
  • Maximum load: 140 kg
  • Plastic coated rope with 4 mm diameter
  • Fixing set with 6 sturdy dowels
  • Powder coated
  • Solid steel frame
Technical data - Pulldown station

K-Sport UK - Safety instructions

User information:
Please use the product only in its intended manner for home use. Any other use may result in damage to the product or its surroundings. Rebuilding or modifying the product will compromise product safety. Caution: Risk of injury! Please also observe the assembly and safety instructions supplied.

This training device should only be used by adults! Extreme, incorrect and/or unplanned training can cause damage to health! Always start the training sessions with a low load and increase it evenly and gently during the training. You should warm up sufficiently before training.

Maintenance and care:
Check all parts for damage and tight fit before each use. If necessary, clean the appliance with a damp cloth and mild soap. Wipe with clean water and allow to dry completely before use.

This appliance should NOT be disposed of with household waste. For proper disposal, please contact the public collection points in your community.
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