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Dip Bars

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The dip bars is the perfect training tool for calisthenics and bodyweight training. Whether bar exercises, dips or leg lifts, the dip bar is the equipment for your indoor or outdoor workout.

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Dip bars - versatile training tool

Despite its simple construction, the dip bars makes it easy to train the entire body. Using your body weight as resistance, you can train your arms, chest, back and legs to perform an effective total body workout.

Exercises on the dip bar
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Sturdy construction

The wide feet of the dip bars and the sophisticated construction made of quality steel offer you excellent stability and thus optimal training comfort for your intensive workout. In addition, the feet are equipped with rubber pads that prevent slipping or scratching on the floor.

Feet of the Dip Bar
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Individual training

The dip bars are the ideal calisthenics equipment and are also suitable for exercises such as dips, L-sits, planche and many other exercises. Thanks to the 3-way adjustable height between 880 mm and 800 mm, you can perfectly adapt the dip bars to your body size and your exercises to achieve an optimal training effect.

Height adjustment dip bar
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If you're short on space, the Dip bars compact design makes it easy to transport, making it the ideal choice for your home gym.

General view dip bar


Dimensions 910 x 840 x 390 mm
Profile 40 x 40 x 1.7 mm
Height-adjustable Height adjustment in the range from 790 to 870 mm
Total weight approx. 11 kg
Maximum load 170 kg
Material Solid steel frame
Coating Powder-coated


Scope of delivery 1 package
Included Mounting kit (without tools)



Technical data - Dip bar

K-Sport UK - Safety instructions

User information:
Please use the product only in its intended manner for home use. Any other use may result in damage to the product or its surroundings. Rebuilding or modifying the product will compromise product safety. Caution: Risk of injury! Please also observe the assembly and safety instructions supplied.

This training device should only be used by adults! Extreme, incorrect and/or unplanned training can cause damage to health! Always start the training sessions with a low load and increase it evenly and gently during the training. You should warm up sufficiently before training.

Maintenance and care:
Check all parts for damage and tight fit before each use. If necessary, clean the appliance with a damp cloth and mild soap. Wipe with clean water and allow to dry completely before use.

This appliance should NOT be disposed of with household waste. For proper disposal, please contact the public collection points in your community.
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