Jumping fitness, is a great way to get your body in perfect shape while still having fun. Here, you can find the right fitness trampoline for varied workouts! A large outdoor trampoline, is perfect for encouraging the whole family to exercise in the fresh air. But even if you don't have a garden, that's no reason to give up jumping fitness: With a fitness trampoline from K-Sport, you can train flexibly indoors or outdoors on the balcony.
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Increase fitness on the trampoline

A trampoline is perfect for warming up before bodybuilding. However, depending on how long you train and which exercises you perform, jumping fitness also increases endurance, promotes muscle development and ensures better balance – all good reasons to start jumping fitness now. You'll find everything you need in our online shop. All models have robust frames made of durable quality steel and hard-wearing trampoline mats. Our fitness equipment, is well-thought-out down to the last detail and designed for years of intensive use.

Jumping Fitness Trampoline: Full speed ahead to your dream body!

Jumping fitness is fun and that is the best prerequisite for exercising regularly. With a fitness trampoline from K-Sport, you can start dynamic fitness exercises and diversify your training programme. In the meantime, various studies have proven that training on a trampoline strengthens the cardiovascular system, increases lung capacity and improves endurance. The exercises are even suitable for beginners and with every training session you will feel how your strength and endurance improve. For example, did you know that jumping fitness uses more than 400 muscles? If you exercise on the trampoline for fifteen minutes, you will achieve the same effect as jogging for an hour. This means that you burn up to 1,200 calories in a one-hour workout, building muscle and strengthening connective tissue.

Garden trampoline: exercise in the fresh air

Would you like to train outside with a trampoline or are you looking for a piece of fitness equipment for the whole family? Then a garden trampoline from K-Sport is just the thing. Trampolining trains your sense of balance and also increases your endurance and coordination. To ensure that there is no safety risk associated with training, the trampoline has a stable safety net as well as a robust, galvanised frame and additional foam covers. Durable springs give the jumping mat the perfect elasticity and thanks to a special alloy, the tension is maintained for years.

Universal fitness equipment

K-Sport is known for durable quality and well-thought-out details. Here, you will find everything you need for jumping fitness. We make sure to work with renowned fitness experts on the construction of our products. Because of this, our fitness trampolines have to prove themselves in lengthy practical tests before they can be allowed into our online shop. In this way, we ensure that we offer our many satisfied customers, excellent quality. Jumping Fitness, is suitable for ambitious bodybuilders who want to vary their workout. But a trampoline is also a very good choice for beginners who don't like going to the gym and would rather train at home instead. Jumping fitness, is a fun trend and training on a trampoline enables impressive training results.
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