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Are you wanting to set up your own home gym? Optimally integrate your bodybuilding into your everyday life by staying at home. This not only saves you numerous trips to and from the gym but also all of its added fees as well. With the high-quality training equipment from K-Sport, you can do your strength training regularly at home and will quickly achieve the desired effects. The basic equipment of a home gym should definitely include a sturdy power station. In our online shop, you will find power stations for different needs, but they all have one thing in common: excellent quality, multifunctional use and a high-quality design.
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Power stations for the gym at home

No home gym should be without a power station because strength training is the basic prerequisite for maximum muscle growth. Here, you will find power stations that enable a full-body workout but are also suitable for the targeted strengthening of specific muscle groups. Our power stations convince with their compact dimensions, so that your home gym doesn't need much space and still offers optimal training conditions.

Power Station with Pull-up Bar

A high-quality power station with pull-up bar, is the perfect choice for bodybuilders who don’t have enough space for several fitness machines but still want to bring variety into their workout. With this power station, you get a dip station and a pull-up bar and are thus perfectly equipped in the smallest of spaces. Train the muscles of the entire upper body on the stable training bar. The profiled backrest ensures optimal pressure distribution and ergonomic training conditions. The pull-up bar, has been equipped with several pairs of handles and also offers a variety of possibilities to build up the strength upper body. All grips are rubber-coated, so that a good grip is guaranteed even during sweaty workouts. In addition, the power station is adjustable and can be adapted to different exercises and the height of the user. The construction of the power station, is well-thought-out from top to bottom: handles at the bottom of the robust steel frame allow you to optimise your workout with push-ups.

Weight bench power station

With the weight bench power station, we provide ambitious bodybuilders with a compact training set that offers maximum possibilities with minimum space requirements. If you opt for this type of power station, you will get three training machines in one with the correspondingly diverse training options. Here, we’ve combined a multi-functional adjustable training bench with a curl desk and a dumbbell rack. On the triple adjustable dumbbell rack, you can place dumbbell bars and weight plates of all common manufacturers. Thanks to the adjustable backrest, the power station is suitable for free weight training in different positions and the curl desk's curved bars can be used to store the dumbbells safely. The modules of this power station are made of coated quality steel so that the surface is optimally protected against corrosion and scratches. With this power station, you can change up your workout every day and train either the whole body or specific muscle groups.

Scott bench: a classic among Power Stations

A Scott bench convinces with its simple construction and versatile use. For this reason, the traditional Scott bench, is part of the basic equipment in every professional gym and is certainly an enrichment for your private fitness studio at home. This compact strength station, is ideal for training your biceps effectively and optimising your overall posture at the same time. What are the features of a Scott bench? There is a fixed connection between the dumbbell rack, the training seat and the arm rest. This allows for an extremely space-saving design and after the workout you can easily move your Scott bench to the side. Although the various components of the Scott bench are firmly connected, you don't have to do without an individual adjustment of the power station because the armrests can be easily converted and adjusted to the height of the user. A special safety lock, ensures that the backrest is reliably held in the selected position. In addition, you can adjust the distance between the supports of the dumbbell rack at the front and thus use your Scott bench with dumbbells from different manufacturers. With the Scott bench, you get a piece of training equipment that brings order to your home gym and supports strength training that is easy on the joints.

Power Stations by K-Sport: Quality that inspires!

The power stations we offer in our online shop, are specially designed for intensive bodybuilding and convince with long durability and multifunctional training options. To ensure that the power stations can be easily integrated into your home gym, we paid close attention to its compact dimensions and placed the highest value on safety and minimising the risk of injury. Lastly, in terms of design, all our power stations leave nothing to be desired!
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