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Fitness Trampoline With Handle


The fitness trampoline with handle is perfect for warming up before a workout and for building and maintaining your fitness. Cardio at its best, full throttle fun while staying fit all at the same time!

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Easy assembly

As you would expect from our fitness equipment, the fitness trampoline with handle is perfectly designed and therefore very easy to assemble. We have replaced the usual springs with elastic ropes. A hard plastic ball, at the end of each, rope prevents the ropes from coming loose. In addition, seven stable feet, covered with plastic at the bottom end, reliably ensure that the fitness trampoline with handle stays securely in place even during intensive workouts.

fitness trampoline with handle details
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Individually adjustable

Perfect for jumping fitness: the fitness trampoline with handle has a height-adjustable handlebar that you can hold on to. Adjust the handlebar, to your height, in just a few steps and lock the handle at 110, 118 or 126 centimetres. A screw with a knob, reliably prevents the handle from accidentally coming loose.

Adjustable handle bar
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Non-slip grip

In addition, a special foam coating on the handle provides a secure grip - you won't lose control even during powerful movements.

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Fitness trampoline with handle made of high-quality, cut-resistant material

Whoever wants to partake in a fitness exercise on the trampoline should definitely pay attention to the material quality. Our fitness trampoline with handle, impresses with its extremely robust, hard-wearing material. It’s not possible to cut the fabric with a zipper or other sharp objects. The fitness trampoline is durable and perfect for the use in a home gym.

Jumping mat


  • Maximum height: 126cm (1260 mm)
  • Fabric diameter (at the widest point): 77cm (770 mm)
  • Diameter of the frame (at its widest point): 102 cm (1020 mm)
  • Maximum load: 90 kg
  • Height of the fitness trampoline above the ground: 27 cm (270 mm)

K-Sport UK - Safety instructions

User information:
Please use the product only in its intended manner for home use. Any other use may result in damage to the product or its surroundings. Rebuilding or modifying the product will compromise product safety. Caution: Risk of injury! Please also observe the assembly and safety instructions supplied.

This training device should only be used by adults! Extreme, incorrect and/or unplanned training can cause damage to health! Always start the training sessions with a low load and increase it evenly and gently during the training. You should warm up sufficiently before training.

Maintenance and care:
Check all parts for damage and tight fit before each use. If necessary, clean the appliance with a damp cloth and mild soap. Wipe with clean water and allow to dry completely before use.

This appliance should NOT be disposed of with household waste. For proper disposal, please contact the public collection points in your community.
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